’Banksy’ road sign appears on Clevedon lamppost

Banksy road sign in Clevedon

A new work apparently by elusive street artist Banksy appeared near his home city of Bristol.

A photo of the stencilled road sign on a lamppost in Clevedon, north Somerset, was posted on Banksy’s official Instagram page earlier.

The sign depicts an elderly couple being carried by two children, prompting speculation on social media it was inspired by Brexit.

A Banksy exhibition is currently being shown in London until 25 August.

The enigmatic artist is thought to have grown up in Bristol and cut his artistic teeth during the 1980s street art boom.

He identity has remained a well-kept secret despite much speculation over the years

Banksy has held high-profile exhibitions of his work in recent years in both Bristol and Weston-super-Mare.

Many of his early and most well-known pieces remain in Bristol including Mild, Mild West, which depicts a teddy throwing a flaming bottle towards police officers.

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