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"ФантастическийAmbitious concept from British architects

British architectural firm D*Haus has presented one of its latest projects – the Devon House. At first glance, the house looks normal, but owners need only press a button and the entire top floor will begin to rotate.

Company D*Haus for several years, offers an unconventional house designs that can be transformed. Devon House – just one of them. The owners wanted to have a wonderful view of the surrounding countryside from any point of his house, the architects asked them to set on the second floor on a rotating platform.

The upper level looks like an equilateral triangle, which is divided into three rooms: living room, bedroom and dining room. Residential volumes will be able to move depending on the desires of the owners. Each room has huge Windows from floor to ceiling, through which freely can admire the surrounding countryside.

Unfortunately, customers were frightened by the cost futuristic home (almost 4 million American dollars), so they agreed to a simplified design of the house, without the rotating level. However, the architects hope that someone still dare to order a house with an unusual design.


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Цена: 550$

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