As they filmed the cult film “Girls”. Photo

"КакOne of the best Soviet films.

Very good and positive film about the women’s team and, of course, about love.


— The idea of the Director, Yuri however, the newspaper published this movie was supposed to be serial. The Director wanted to tell in detail about the fate of each of the girls. But why continue is not followed. Already in the nineties talking about the continuation of Svetlana Druzhinina, but her idea also left “hanging in the air.”


— Starring Yuri Chulyukin really wanted to see his wife, Natalia Kustinskaya, but a desire of the Director in the Soviet film industry was not enough. The Council considered Kostinsky too beautiful for this role, despite the fact that the actress is very seriously preparing for the role, even changed gait and “streamlined” their looks with makeup. Useless: on the role of Tosi Kislitsyna approved Hope Rumyantsev, not without reason, believing that this role seems to be specially created for her.


— The film was shot in difficult conditions. The logging for the film staged at the “Mosfilm”. In the pavilions built a settlement and planted over three hundred trees, made the Timber industry. Some full-scale shooting took place in the Northern Urals in real forestry. The weather was very cold, the cast and crew had to work in 50-degree frost.


— The music for the film was written by Aleksandra Pakhmutova. The song “Old maple” and “Good girls”, which was written specifically for the film, still have a runaway success.


— Film “went to the people”: it is quoted almost on every corner. Russian critics were silent, not speaking about the movie, and foreign international festivals have invited and given awards. Since the film received the award in Edinburgh in 1961, in Cannes and in Mal del Plata in 1962. As for the role of Toshi Kislitsyna Hope Rumyantsev was awarded a special prize, it was called “Chaplin in a skirt”.

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